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Students will be focusing on spelling within their writing this year.  I will not be giving weekly spelling lists on a regular basis.  Instead, each student will have a spelling book that I have created that lists the 1500 most frequently used words in writing.  As a life long skill many of us do not have the need to recite the spellings of many of the words in traditional spelling lists.  That is why I have chosen to focus on words that students will use all of their lives while writing.  Please use the guides at the end of this page at home as a resource.
No Excuse Words
In each spelling book there is a page designated to No Excuse Words for each quarter.  First quarter begins with 100 words.  Many of these words are homophones.  In the back of the spelling book is a homophone guide to help determine which form of the word goes with the correct spelling.  No excuse words are graded when the students write anything for me across the curriculum.  I will be subtracting 20 points per misspelled no excuse word throughout the school year.  Please study this list of 100 words for the first nine weeks of school rather than the traditional 20 word list each week!
Journal Writes
Each Wednesday the students will be responsible for turning in a half page minimum written journal write in the journal that I have made for them.  More than a half page is acceptable, and I will read it, but anything beyond the arrow on the page will not be included in the grade for the week.  I will correct EVERY misspelled word, but I will only deduct 20 points for each incorrectly spelled No Excuse Word.  Students can use any resource they wish as to correctly spell words in their journals.  I encourage them to ask parents, teachers, as well as each other for help in spelling words correctly in their journals.  No resource is off limits!
Spelling Tests
Each Friday the students will be required to take a "real life" spelling test.  I will give them a story with 18 missing words that they will have to fill in while listening to me read.  I will read the story three times through while the students fill in the blanks with the words that I use to complete the story.  They will then have unlimited time to use their spelling books or a dictionary to look up the correct spellings.  They may not ask anyone for help.  This exercise will create independency in finding the correct way to spell words, just as many of us have to do in real life situations.
Spelling Skills
Throughout the week I will be teaching students various spelling skills with words that go along with the reading textbook.  Many of the skills will be discussed in class and a worksheet may be used to reinforce and practice each skill learned.
Spelling Guides
No Excuse Words - 1st Quarter - 4th Quarter
1500 Most Frequently Used Words in Writing
Homophone Guide
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