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This page is designed to inform you of the expectations and policies for the 2009-2010 school year.
As a class, we will be working on treating each other with respect, putting forth 100% effort, and teamwork.  In addition to these, I will also focus on instilling responsibility, enhancing study skills, and establishing organizational habits.  Students will be challenged to learn and I expect everyone to do their best!
When your child is absent from school, a sheet outlining the work missed will be completed. Handouts and assignments will be attached and placed on the student's desk. Students will have one day for every day they were absent to turn in the missing work.  For example, if a student is absent on Monday and returns on Tuesday, the work that was assigned on Monday will be due along with Tuesday's assignments on Wednesday morning.  The only exception to this policy is if the assignment due had been assigned well before the absence, in which case this assignment needs to be turned in the day the student returns to school (report, special project etc...)
Assignment Planners
Students will be given an assignment planner to record their daily assignments.  We will fill these planners out together as a class at the end of each school day.  I will personally check each planner for accuracy before students are allowed to leave for the day.  This assures both the teacher and the parent that the students know exactly what is expected of them regarding the next day's assignments.  In the event that a student forgets his or her planner at home, I will have an assignment sheet available for students to fill out.
Classroom Behavior Expectations
Classroom rules such as listening, refraining from talking during class until called upon, following directions, following requests made the first time, and using class time wisely are all necessary for a smooth operating environment.  I will deal with problems fairly and give each student the opportunity to succeed.  The consequences for choosing not to follow expectations may include:
  • First, the student will be asked to correct the behavior.
  • If behavior is not corrected, a discussion  will be held between student(s) and teacher.
  • If no solution is made and problem still persists, time out from the class may be necessary.
  • Parents will be notified via weekly report, email, or phone call if problematic behavior continues.
  • Last resort for persistent problems will be intervention by administration.  Parents will be notified.
* An exception to this procedure would be in the case of a severe infraction.  Example:  endangerment of life, threats, fighting, and stealing.  In cases such as these, the administration will be asked to intervene immediately.
Grading Policy
English, Social Studies, and Science grades will be figured based on various homework assignments, quizzes, and tests.  Please see each subject page for information on how grades are figured for:
  • Reading Grade
  • Spelling Grade
  • Math Grade
Grading Scale
100....... A+
99-93... A
92-90... A-
89-87... B+
86-83... B
82-80... B-
79-77... C+
76-73... C
72-70... C-
69-67... D+
66-63... D
62-60... D-
59-0..... F
Homework Policy
There will be homework assigned almost every night, including some Fridays.  Students will be given time daily to work on these assignments and ask for additional help from me.  It is imperative that students learn the responsibility of using class time wisely and getting assignments done on time.  All assignments are due the morning after they are given unless otherwise stated. 
Late Homework Note
Students will have the opportunity to turn in a late homework assignment for a reduced point value (10% points) as long as it is accompanied by the Late Homework Note signed by both parent and student.  If the late homework note does not accompany the assignment the following day, the assignment will be given a point value of zero.  Your cooperation in signing this letter is vital and serves two purposes.  One is that you, the parent, are always kept aware if your child is not doing assignments or forgetting them at home.  Secondly, it sends a message to the student that communication between home and school is an ongoing process that benefits all in an educational setting.
Homework Time
There should not be an excessive amount of time spent on homework each night.  While I believe that practice and reinforcement of skills learned throughout the day is important, I also believe that family time is an extremely valuable portion of each child's day.  Homework should include finishing any assignments that your child did not finish within the given amount of work time during class, as well as practicing math facts and reading AR books.  The total amount of time spent on homework should be no more than 30-60 minutes.  If you are consistently noticing more than an hour of time spent on homework in the evening, please contact me.  This usually is a result of students not using their class time wisely!
There will be incentives for positive behavior, helping, and good work.  The main incentive program involves a classroom economy in which the students will learn "real word" financial skills.  I will be teaching students responsibilities which include opening and maintaining a checking account, earning a paycheck, paying bills, and budget planning.  Please take a closer look at the details of the "1st Bank of North Ward" on this website.
Weekly Report
Each Friday your child will be given a weekly report.  This report keeps track of your child's completed assignments, test scores, as well as three week and seven week grade updates.  At times, reminders, comments and other information will be written on it.  There is space provided at the bottom of the weekly report for you to write me a note if you have any questions or concerns.  Please sign and return these reports each Monday.
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