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Spanish Class

Learn the Alphabet

Numbers 1-10

Quiz yourself on numbers 1-100

Many number activities


Days of the Week - Spelling Test

Months of the Year

Learn to Tell Time

Practice Telling Time


Current "Extras"

Goldburger to Go

Ellis Island - Search

Ellis Island Tour

Simple Machines


Matilda Vocabulary Word Walls

Matilda Vocab 1-4

Matilda Vocab 5-8

Matilda Vocab 9-12

Matilda Vocab 13-16

Matilda Vocab 17-21



Your ONE-STOP shop for homework help. 
Use it as a dictionary replacement as well as a calculator replacement!
Spelling City - Practice your words for our "Real Life Spelling Test" -
Find a List and Enter Your Teacher's Name - Shannon Smith
"Home"work Sites
Practice your states and capitals - You will need to know the southwest states first!
Practice typing at home!
Student Friendly Internet Search
Math Sites
http://www.dep.anl.gov/aattack.htm  practice timed math facts

http://nlvm.usu.edu/en/nav/grade_g_2.html  Interactive math

http://www.mathfactcafe.com/view/view.aspx?t=F&g=3  Interactive Flash Cards

http://www.mathfactcafe.com/view/view.aspx?t=P&g=4  Extra Practice Math Worksheets

http://www.ricksmath.com/graph1.html  Print a piece of graph paper

http://www.amathsdictionaryforkids.com/maths/dictionary.html Math Dictionary

http://www.funbrain.com/cgi-bin/meas.cgi?A1=s&A2=0&A3=1 Measuring With Inches


Language Sites
Singular Possessive Noun Practice
Plural Possessive Noun Practice
Singular and Plural Mixed Review
http://www.kidsreads.com/ Book reviews, Author/Series Information

http://www.wordcentral.com/cgi-bin/bwwod.pl Word of the Day

http://www.eduplace.com/tales/  Wacky Web Tales (Parts of Speech)

Build a Clubhouse - Sentence Game

Common and Proper Noun Game

http://www.rebeccacaudill.org/ Rebecca Caudill Book Award...These books are all VERY good!



Spelling Sites
http://www.funbrain.com/spell/index.html spelling game

http://www.factmonster.com/ipka/A0886509.html  spelling plural nouns

http://www.factmonster.com/ipka/A0781709.html  frequently misspelled words

http://www.funbrain.com/spellroo/index.html  spelling game

http://www.zdaily.com/words.shtml Daily Spelling Bee


Science Sites
http://www.billnye.com/flash.html  Bill Nye's Website...I love Bill Nye!

http://www.extremescience.com/index.html Information on earth science, space and weather

http://www.funology.com/ The Science of Having Fun

http://www.howstuffworks.com/ Learn how everything works.

http://www.channel4.com/science/microsites/R/robots/constructor.html Construct a robot.

Crane Migration Patterns


Money Sites
http://www.equitrust.com/calcs/CheckBook.cfm  Checkbook Balancer
Homework Helpers
http://www.factmonster.com/ Online almanac, dictionary, encyclopedia, and homework help

http://www.handwritingforkids.com/handwrite/cursive.htm Practice your cursive handwriting

http://www.ipl.org/div/kidspace/ask/ Ask a question! (3 day turn-around)


http://www.eduplace.com/edugames.html Educational Games



Thinklink Practice Sites
Using Context Clues to figure out the meanings of words

Word City uses prefixes, suffixes, and affixes to help figure out word meanings

Learning the "Roots" of words will help you understand the meanings of difficult words!

Multiple meaning words have different meanings depending on how they are used in a sentence.

Author's Point of View

What is the question REALLY asking?

Comprehension Practice (Story about Elephants)

Drawing Conclusions

Fact or Opinion?

More Fact or Opinion questions

Sequence of Events

Build a sentence using the provided words

Grammar Blast

Build the correct sentences and clean up the polluted picture. (Environmental Rescue)

Grammar Gorilla


Proofreading Practice

Sentence Sort

Math Mysteries

Basic Operations Word Problems

Geometry Hidden Picture Game

Perimeter Practice

Number Cruncher

Angle Practice

Data Collection Practice


Home BlogSmith Policies Assignments Subject Areas
Banking Book Club SmithCast Showcase Links