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North Ward Elementary School
1201 N. Prairie St.
Tuscola, Illinois  61953

217-253-2712  ext. 150



The Linstead Leader
Year Ending May 27, 2011

Dear Parents,

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for a wonderful year.  I hope you agree that it has been a good one for you and your child.  They are a bright, cheerful, and kind group of students who should do well at East Prairie and in life.  I feel privileged to have been their teacher for a year.

We accomplished many things throughout the year and hopefully they are better prepared for the next step in their educational career.  I tried to teach not only the skills needed to prepare them academically but helped improve their level of responsibility, common sense, problem solving, and independence. 

I do thank you for all of your donations of snacks, materials, money for field trips and special events, and time.  We all seem to be short on that but yet you made time to help your child be successful in fourth grade. 

Good luck next year at East Prairie.  If you have any feedback or suggestions for improvement I am always open so feel free to email me.  I do check my email over the summer.

Thanks again,

Mrs. Linstead








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8:20-8:25              Attendance, Lunch Count, Homework

8:25-8:45              P.E.

8:45-9:05              Fabulous 4’s

9:05-10:05            Reading/Writing

                   Art Days—M-W-F                                  Music Days—T-Th

10:05-10:40                 Language                                 10:05-10:25                 Writing

10:40-10:45                 Restroom                                 10:25-10:30                 Restroom

10:45-11:10                 Art                                          10:30-11:00                 Music

11:10-11:20                 Milk & Snack                          11:00-11:10                 Milk & Snack

11:20-12:00                 Social Studies                          11:10-12:00                 Computer Lab

Art Days –T-Th                                      Music Days—M-W-F

10:05-10:30                 Writing                                     10:05-10:25                 Language

10:30-10:45                 Restroom, Milk, & Snack           10:25-10:30                 Restroom

10:45-11:10                 Art                                           10:30-11:00                 Music

11:10-12:00                 Computer Lab                           11:00-11:10                 Milk & Snack

                                                                                              11:10-12:00                 Social Studies

12:00-1:05            Lunch – Recess first

1:05-1:15              Read Aloud

1:15-2:10              Math

2:10-2:40              Science/Health/Substance Abuse

2:40-3:10              M:               Spelling Centers & Homework Time

                            T-W-Th:     Tiger Time

                            F:                Scholastic News

3:10-3:20              Record Homework


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